• Matteo Pelagatti (Director)
  • Alessandro Santoro (Vice-Director)


The Department Sections are discipline-homogeneous groups that may discuss issues and propose solutions to the Department Council

  • Piergiovanna Natale (Coordinator of the Economic Section)
  • Andrea Ongaro (Coordinator the Statistics Section)
  • Salvatore Torrisi (Coordinator of the Business Administration Section)


The Department Board is a body that supports the Director in the direction of the department. The Director may delegate some of his/her functions to members of the Board.

  • Matteo Pelagati (Director)
  • Alessandro Santoro (Vice-Director)
  • Piergiovanna Natale (Economic Section delegate and representiative of the INTECO program)
  • Andrea Ongaro (Statistics Section delegate)
  • Salvatore Torrisi (Business Administration section delegate)
  • Flavio Gnecchi (in representation of the programs ECOMARK and ECOMARKS)
  • Paolo Mariani (in representation of the program SSE)
  • Vittoria Cerasi (in representation of the program CLAMSES)
  • Laura Pagani (delegate of the associate professors)
  • Maria Garbelli (delegate of the assistant professors)


The Department Council is the main body of the deparment. All the official deliberations of the department are taken with majority vote of the Council. The Director chairs all the (generally monthly) sessions of the Council.

The following persons of the DEMS staff are members of the Council:

  • full professors
  • associate professors
  • assistant professors
  • two representatives of post-docs
  • a representative of the non-academic staff (Giovanni Pelosi)
  • a representative of the PhD students
  • representatives of the students (at least 15% of the memebers of the council)

Programme directors

The programmes offered by the department can be managed either by a council (Didactic Coordination Council) or by a monocratic programme director.


  • Marketing, Communications and Global Markets.
    President of the Didactic Coordination Council: Flavio Gnecchi
  • Statistical and Economic Sciences.
    Programme Director: Paolo Mariani


  • MSc in Tourism Economics.
    President of the Didactic Coordination Council: Giovanni Tonini
  • MSc in International Economics.
    President of the Didactic Coordination Council: Piergiovanna Natale
  • MSc in Advanced Marketing Management.
    President of the Didactic Coordination Council: Flavio Gnecchi
  • MSc in Statistics and Economics.
    Programme Director: Sonia Migliorati
  • PhD in Economics and Satistics.
    Programme Director: Matteo Manera